Why Sell?

Everyone Has a Different Reason...

Whatever your reason, Gold4Dollars.com offers fast, friendly service that puts cash in your hand when you need it!If you're wondering where to sell gold coins online or want to find out the selling price of gold coins – look no further.

Gold4Dollars.com has been a trusted scrap gold buyer and gold coin buyer for nearly two decades and we will evaluate your gold coins and other scrap gold items and send you cash right away. When people ask where to sell gold and silver online, the answer is: Gold4Dollars.com for easy, secure transactions and fast, friendly service. Order your GoldXpress Pack and mail in your gold and silver scrap jewellery and coins today.

Here are some common reasons why our thousands of satisfied customers have to sell gold to Gold4Dollars.com

“I inherited a bunch of old jewellery that I know I'll never wear. I'd rather have the cash.” — Brooke L.

“After my divorce, I wanted to get rid of anything that would remind me of him. What better way than to sell the jewelry he gave me for cash?” — Amanda M.

“Last month I was short on cash for paying my bills. What a relief to send in the old gold jewelry I had lying around and get a check.” — Murray D.

“I wanted to buy my kids great holiday gifts this year, but I didn't have the cash. So I went through my jewelry box and found some gold items I never wear. I sent them in, got my check, and had the best holiday ever!” — Bruce W.

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Where to Sell Gold & Silver Coins

Order your GoldXpress Pack today and sell your gold & silver coins and unwanted jewellery for cash that you can use!

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The business of buying and selling gold can be complicated if you're using old-fashioned methods, or it can be simple and streamlined when you use the quick, reliable, time-tested process at Gold4Dollars.comAt Gold4Dollars.com we buy gold & silver every day, serving thousands of customers around Canada.

In the age of the internet and express mail, selling gold & silver can be as easy as putting a package in the mail and receiving your payment. With Gold4Dollars.com that's all there is to it. We take the hassle out of selling gold. Order your own Gold Xpress Pack today, mail in your scrap gold items, and get payment from us! Selling gold has never been this easy, safe, or hassle-free.