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Here are some examples of scrap gold and silver that you may have laying around, gathering dust. Order a FREE GOLD XPRESS PACK to mail in your scrap gold and silver items like these and get your cash quickly!

Our fast, friendly service helps you sell scrap gold and silver you don't want and turn it into the best cash value you can use! Get your gold recycling pack today!

Four Common Sources of GOLD Around Your House:

  1. You'll never get around to it. How many broken earrings or tangled gold chains are lying around? How long have you been telling yourself you'll get them fixed someday?
  2. It won't come back in style. If you haven't worn a piece of jewelry in the past 4 years, you probably never will wear it again. Get cash for that outdated gold jewelry.
  3. Thanks for the memories. Keeping an engagement or wedding ring from your ex? Still have your high school class ring, collecting dust? Saving a service pin or an ugly bracelet just because it was a gift? Treat yourself to something you really want or need with cash for that gold.
  4. Coins may be worth more. Most gold coins from foreign countries are now worth more cash for gold than the monetary face value.

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In addition to these scrap gold and silver items, we even buy dental scrap gold! In a gold and silver commodities business, prices and value change constantly. Our Gold Xpress Packs have been shipped to thousands of satisfied patrons who want to recycle scrap gold - customers who then cash their immediately issued payment.

So whether you are most concerned about the price of your scrap gold and silver or insuring the value of your precious items in the mail - we have you covered! prides itself on fair transactions when you recycle your scrap gold. Send in your scrap gold jewelry and coins and find out how much we can pay.

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When you sell your scrap gold and silver to our experts determine the value we can offer and provide you that cash for your valuables. Our experts evaluate thousands of scrap gold and silver recycled items every week. Just order a GoldXpress Pack, send us your scrap gold and silver items, and we'll send your payment the very same day.








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