The Gold Xpress Pack is our exclusively-designed mailing pack for sending your scrap gold safely and securely through Canada Post. Each pack is made of superior materials that have been designed to ensure the safe arrival of the items that you send us.

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Selling scrap gold is easy. Get out your old, unwanted scrap gold jewelry that you want to convert into cash by selling.

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Not sure if you have scrap gold jewellery and coins worth selling? Take a look at the types of scrap gold we buy and what we pay for gold.

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At we want your experience to be easy and rewarding. We know that you want your items to be secure and that's why we've developed the GoldXpress Pack - our free, proprietary shipping package built from years of experience and customer service expertise.

It's FREE, Trackable, Insured and Secure! Most importantly, it is easy to use and designed to give you peace of mind when selling your gold.

Once you have received your package, your GoldXpress Pack will contain the following:

  1. Valued Customer Form—This pre-addressed, bar-coded form tells us where to send your check and provides you with useful information for tracking your goods.
  2. Material Safety Bag—This Strong Plastic Bag will safely hold your scrap gold, such as gold jewelry, gold coins, or even a gold tooth! Made of a thick but flexible polymer material, it's tailored to hold a large number of items and is specifically-designed to safely transport scrap gold.
  3. Canada Xpress Post Envelope—This sturdy, state-of-the-art mailing envelope is pre-addressed to use for transporting your Valued Customer Form and Material Safety Bag through Canada Post. Made of a strong material it’s proven strength will insure the protection of all your scrap gold items. Its uniquely-designed adhesive closure also seals the envelope completely shut, creating a puncture / tear / moisture-resistant delivery package.


Approve your same day offer and payment will be issued within 24 hours! Now that is fast CASH! Choose the option that works best for you:

Company Check
Mailed immediately the next business day. Company checks are sent via standard mail.

Email Money Transfer
Up to $3,000 CAD. Funds arrive within an 1-2 hours directly to your email to be deposited into your bank account. Gold4Dollars does not charge a fee for this service.

PayPal Direct Payment immediately deposits directly into your PayPal account. Gold4Dollars does not charge a fee for this service.